to fetishists (to hunters)/65

by poems & doodles

to the man
who knows
he is an asian
fetishist but
knows less that
he is a hunter:

when you tell
me that asian
women are
your “thing”

i can’t even
be upset about
your sailor-moon
harajuku geisha
hello kitty fantasy
because i’m too
busy imagining
you on top of me

the way hunters
pose on Bengal
tiger rugs,
like you think
i am nothing
more than a
skin trophy to
display, my
mouth an open
invitation to pry
apart and cut into
a smile,  the emptied
remains of a glorious
beast waiting to
be filled with glass
eyes fixated on you
while your
amateur taxidermist
hands push elbow deep
inside, replacing
what i know and what
i cherish with
something meant to
keep me immobile,
belly down
intended to
ease your
heavy footsteps
on a cold wood

you think i am
more than
an asian to
fit your fetish.

but i am no game,
big or small
for you to hunt and

i am no empty
beast waiting
to serve the pretty
purpose of
lying down
eyes unblinking
and face broken
into a fragile smile.

i am no


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